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Collaborative Divorce Tacoma

In this concept, I redesigned a difficult-to-use website, and improved the user experience, using html and css

Collaborative Divorce website image

Culture Shocks

This project was born at a hackathon for non-profit organizations. As part of a team of two, I designed and coded a webpage from scratch, using html and css

culture shocks logo


This concept, using html and css, was assigned at a hackathon

slice of thinkspace homepage

Advice for Newbies

I created this web page from scratch, using html and css

Advice for Newbies website image

Art and Design Portfolio

This web page was created from scratch, using html and css

homepage website image

Web Design Portfolio

I customized a class exercise and created a simple web page, using html and css

early portfolio website image

about me

My home base is Tacoma, Washington, though my tech journey began on the East Coast with my background as an artist: I wanted to build my own website to showcase my artwork. I showed my paintings online for years, using a template, before realizing that I wanted more versatility over how I presented my work.

The answer was to learn to code! Also, my former job as a sign painter gave me graphic skills that I wanted to bring into the 21st century via digital design. I'm now a freelance web designer, with the eyes and hands of an artist, along with the attention to detail to code sophisticated sites that let the content shine above all else.

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